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Las Marbollillas De Andrilisa | The Marballs of Andrilisa

Into the Art
& Find


Photography by Alex Nuñez Caba

"Life is a ballroom dance between knowledge and imagination. Both are of equal importance. One does not outshine the other. When they move together as one, they have the power to illuminate and transform any heart, in any space, in any environment."

~Andrilisa R. Read-Iglesias Lopes, Ph.D


I am an Archaeologist. I specialize in excavating the Imagination. This all started because I couldn't talk. It felt like the hardest thing in the world, to talk. But to create was easy. Through art, dance, music and games I could always build an imaginary bridge of communication until I found the words.

The more ways of creating I became versed in, the more humans I could connect with and understand, regardless of the words we were raised with. Just because somebody cannot speak, it does not mean they cannot understand.

Creating is not some gift only some are born with. Creating is the Universal language to connect with any living being. It is what gives you access to your inner vault of ideas.
My 80 titles form the imaginary bridge I had to build to find all my words, all my art and all my courage. You can be everything and anything you dream of being when you learn to use your knowledge creatively and courageously. It's time to excavate your imagination.

Your happily ever afters are just an imaginary bridge away. 


The true magnificence of humans
brought to view in a virtual gallery.


The All In No Background.png


Welcome to the library. May the words fill you with peace, love and courage.

Anthology of Portraits, Portrait 13.jpg

Articles of unwavering
& love.


Follow Your Bliss

golden hand.jpg

Stories of art,
love and courage.


Stories & Poems
In The Heart

Somos La Mesa ( Flyer (5.5 x 8.5))(1).png

A Gallery Of
Special Projects
Volume VII ART

Evidence of the magnificence
creating can lead to.


21 Days To Freedom

21 Days To Freedom

A collection of poems to free
you from thyself. Your guide to becoming KING|QUEEN
of the hand.




BILINGUAL BOOK COVERS If You Are Ready To Go All In (2).png

If You Are Ready To Go All In

Si Estas Ready Para Ir Con To

See the Art. Say the Art. Be The Art. Create The Art.

An interactive experience in a bilingual book. Designed to put your life in create mode.




A stage full of motivation, dance and true life.

"The War Within You Didn't Know About"

Live @ The Red Talk- Series 2



Invite the romance into your life by becoming a love collector.
Shop my latest collection of merch, prints, original paintings and again books.


El Pilon- web cover.png

"Yo Soy El Pilon"

Notebooks starting $15


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Come find out what it means to be yourself, while discussing the show with
the incredible host,

Kyle-Steven Porter!

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